Smart Data that Transcends Language Barriers
Companies that operate in several markets run into problems managing information in different languages. Creactives’ Semantic Solutions transcends all language barriers!
Semantics Provides Transparency to actual Business Data
Did you know that over 80% of the data that could be valuable for your business is unstructured? Semantics integrates and repurposes existing heterogeneous, imperfect information across all your ERP systems!

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With years of industry experience in data management, Creactives establishes an unprecedented method of keeping your data organized and easily accessible regardless of region, language or ERP. Creactives’ software is used by many prominent organizations from around the world. Find out how Creactives can help your organizational data work smarter.

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Universal Data management requires an agile approach that can learn as your organization grows!

Find out who’s using Creactives to streamline their data management which drastically reduced their costs and improved their efficiency.

Disruptive Technology that provides a stunning added value to your current erp and business intelligence architecture

Creactives has created an unprecedented semantic services for cleansing and enriching corporate data. Why wait for what Gartner calls the postmodern ERP era if you can get immediately the original promises of your ERP and BI systems?

Innovative out-of- the box solutions combined with tailored knowledge base management approach that will solve all your classification needs.

Find out about how Creactives is changing the game in terms of data management and allowing organi-zations just like yours push their boundaries even further!